Largely due to the vision of Ziv Ophir of Kinneret College, which is located around the site of Semakh, the government has reconstructed the damaged station, restored the surrounding buildings and continues the memory of these gallant soldiers. At the restored station, they have erected a memorial plaque telling the story of the capture and listing the names of those killed, which was presented by members of the Australian Light Horse Association. A ceremony was held in 2017 with band, horsemen and other local and overseas visitors.  Here is a link to the commemorations: and A visitors’ centre with a multi-media presentation was opened in 2017 and there are plans for a statue of an Aboriginal soldier on horseback, to remember the aboriginal involvement in this battle and more commemorations are planned for the 100th anniversary in 2018.  

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Other Memorials

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  1. Beersheba 90th anniversary celebrations – Jill Curry
  2. Ceremony for the opening of the Light Horse Memorial monument at Semakh, 2012 – Jill Curry
  3. ANZAC Monument, Semakh – Jill Curry
  4. Ziv Ophir explains about the Semakh railway station (behind) – Jill Curry
  5. Be’er Sheva station – Jill Curry




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