#1 - Blake Bridgewater – Best Mates
Age 16 from Glenhaven NSW

#2. Sarah Runnegar-Mullins - Recollections of Companionship
Age 14 from Medindie Gardens, SA

#3. Adena Sheps – Taking a Spell
Age 15, Leichardt, NSW

#4. Robyn Bosveld – Charge!
Age 15, Collinsvale, TAS

#5. Simone Coetzee – War can break the best of men

#6. Hania Haider – The Charge of Destiny

6. Hania Haider – The Charge of Destiny

#7. Kaitlyn Haigh – Companionship before the charge

Special Commendation, Cara Maguire

Special Commendation, Glory Lim – An Empty Saddle

Special Commendation, Anna Ngo – Good Luck Mate

Honourable Mention, Ethan Cho – We’re not the only ones

Honourable Mention, Eloise Bosveld – Tent Pegging

Honourable Mention,  Dominique Cravero – We were mates too

Honourable Mention, Amelia Bearman – Equine Diggers

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